Fictional Narcotics

by Eddy Morin

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an EP mostly recorded over the summer and fall of 2011. All songs were written in 2011


released November 11, 2011

All instruments and Production: Eddy Morin



all rights reserved


Eddy Morin Collingwood, Ontario

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Track Name: 1950's Movie Stars
Do you remember feeling afraid?
Sensations passing day by day.
I watched your scales dry in the sun
How it made me feel so bored.
Never trust a man who drinks Ovaltine
Or a boy with a rose in his teeth.
But we can name all of the food groups
And be comfortable for a while.

Nostalgia sets inside of our bones,
Like a cancer and I'm prone to fall asleep
Watching 1950's movie stars.

Why must we always hide away,
From the awkward thing i say?
I'm sorry i had to be your friend
Instead of someone you could touch.

So i torment myself every night,
But televised ambience is alright to fall asleep
Watching 1950's movie stars.
Track Name: Patient Instruction Leaflet
I put my faith into a man that i don't see,
Doesn't the whole world want uncertainty?
liquified freedom coming to a store near you,
I hope it doen't cost more than a dollar or two, or two.
I can understand if you want to stay up late,
We can drink and smoke while we debate.
Our favourite types of pitted-fruit
And then pass out for an hour or two, or two.
We can shut off our heads for a while,
Because giving a shit is going out of style.

I am the one who stopped feeling pain first,
Is that a power? Hell no, it's a curse.
A genuine smile doesn't get you very far,
Neither does knowing who you are, you are.
So let's set our hearts and this house on fire,
I do believe that our milk has expired
Yes, who need a home when you have a bar?
Where no mirrors reveal who you really are, you are.
We can just sit back and smile,
Because building a life is going out of style.
Track Name: The Side Effects May Include...
Lie straight to my face now,
because i'd rather not hear the truth.
I think it's time to strike the match now,
and dispose of all this proof.

Daylight burns my eye lids,
in such a god-awful way.
I'm watching my skin grow pale now,
and i'm loosing my teeth day by day.

I guess that i'm a fuck-up,
and you seem like one too.
Why don't we get together,
I hear that's what fuck-ups do.
Track Name: Whale Watching in Tadoussac

I drove all the way to Tadoussac
with the noblest intentions of watching a whale
All i saw was grey skies and seagulls,
what a shame, what a shame.


Staring at a light-house in Rimouski
I let a single tear run down my face
It was 11 degrees with an on-shore wind
what a shame, what a shame.